Hardwood Flooring

The mill that I buy my solid lumber and veneers from also manufactures hardwood flooring. This allows me to buy direct from the mill, and makes prices very competitive. Although a wide range of colours and species of flooring are available, the absolute best price point comes in on the mill run maple flooring. The mill run maple offers some delightful colour variations in the wood, from the light sapwood to the darker mineral streaks and heartwood that maple is known for. This wood is 100% grown and manufactured in Canada.

The wood is 3/4" thick and comes in 2 1/4", 3 1/4" and 4" widths of your choice. Average board length of 40" with boards up to 78" in length A carton consists of 30% select & better grade, 55% #1 common, and 15% rustic. Seven individual coats of finish are applied and it comes with a 35 year residential warranty. SunGuard with high UV resistance helps inhibit floor yellowing and dulling. Slow-growth Northern Hardwood offers optimum hardness and rich colour. Also available in walnut-stained pre-finish flooring, and unfinished raw flooring for those who prefer on-site finishing.

I have used this product myself, and it performs as well as hardwood flooring in a much higher price bracket.