The Naturals

Natural finished woods are just that; woods that have no tints or stains applied to them. The wood is covered in a durable clear protective coating that shows off the unique, natural characteristics of the wood. Natural woods are popular for many reasons.

The natural wood is timeless. One of the key reasons kitchens become outdated is that man adds something to the wood that looks trendy at the time of manufacture, but as time passes the trend begins to look less appealing. We've seen this with many wood colours and finishes over the past few decades. With a natural finish, nothing is added to the wood, which allows the piece to age accordingly. A piece of maple today looks the same as a piece of maple did 100 years, and will also look the same 100 years from now.

A kitchen finished in a natural clear finish can cost less than a kitchen that has been stained, as the labour cost of preparing the wood and applying the stain is not needed with the natural clear kitchen.

Natural clear finishes are considered more environmentally friendly, as less products are needed in the finishing of the wood.